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Assault involves violence or a threat of violence, because of the nature of the charge, an assault charge is taken very seriously. An assault charge can be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony if a weapon, serious bodily injury, or strangulation is involved.

A police officer can arrest an individual immediately and charge them with assault if they witness them striking or trying to cause bodily harm to another person.

If the accusation of assault is not witnessed by the police, the accuser will generally be required to file a police report before charges can be filed for assault.

However if the allegations are for family violence, the accused can be arrested and charged without the police officer witnessing the assault or threats.

An assault doesn't have to be from physical harm. Just simply threatening violence and invoking fear in the victim is enough for police officer to arrest someone for assault, even if no violence was involved. There are three levels of assault, simple assault, assault with injury, and aggravated assault.


A crime of violence on your record for assault could mean the loss of your job or future jobs. When you were arrested, your fingerprints were taken and you now have an arrest record for assault. It is just a matter of time before all of this information is made public. 

When you are facing an assault charge you need a criminal defense attorney with experience defending and winning assault cases. Contact Brian Kennedy Law to discuss your case and find out about your options. The confidential consultation is free.

Early contact often means that we are able to find out what is going on with the investigation before things get too far down the road.  If your assault case is dismissed, we can ask the judge to remove your fingerprints and your arrest record. Time is extremely important, so do not hesitate.

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