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Administrative License Revocation


Administrative License Revocation, or ALR, is an administrative process by which the Department of Public Safety can suspend the driver's license of someone who has been arrested for DWI in Texas. Your license can be suspended if you do not submit to a breath or blood test or your breath or blood test is .08 or higher. At the time you are charged with driving while intoxicated in Texas, the officer is required to take your license, give you a Notice of Suspension (a 40-day temporary permit). YOU ONLY HAVE 15 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE NOTICE OF SUSPENSION TO REQUEST AN ALR HEARING! If you do not request this hearing, the license suspension goes into effect on the 40th day after the date of the Notice. If you request a hearing, the temporary driving permit remains in effect until the date of the final decision by the ALR judge.

The ALR hearing is important because it gives you the ability to fight to get your license back. Because the ALR is a separate civil proceeding that occurs along with the DWI criminal proceeding it is important to hire an attorney who handles both. At the ALR hearing, we can request certain items that give us great detail of your arrest and will give us clues as to how the State will handle the criminal portion of your DWI arrest.


A DWI on your record could affect future jobs. When you were arrested, your fingerprints were taken and you now have an arrest record for DWI. It is just a matter of time before all of this information is made public. 

Just because you've been charged with a DWI doesn't mean you're guilty. When you are facing a DWI charge you need a criminal defense attorney with experience defending and DWI cases. Call Brian Kennedy Law now to discuss your case and find out your options. The confidential consultation is free.

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