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Mediation Dispute Resolution


You probably had someone in your circle that was the person that made peace.  They sat everyone down and got them to listen to reason.  They encouraged both sides to hear each other and helped them move past grudges and bitterness and, yes, hurt.  Relationships were pulled back from the bitter edge.  They got everybody back out on the ball field, or out for the evening, or back at work.  

We are that friend.

People do stupid things.  Sometimes with malice, sometimes with  spite, sometimes unintentionally.  But the damage is done. 

Mediation isn't about forgiveness, although that would be nice.  Mediation is about finding resolution to a dispute out of court...with much less cost...much less time...much less hassle.  

It can be a small matter or a multi-million dollar matter.  The process is the same.  Let's talk. Let's listen. Let's see if we can find a new way to look at the facts to achieve the desired outcome.  The mediator's role is to guide the parties toward their own resolution.  The mediator carries messages, questions, proposals, demand offers and counter offers to help the parties move closer to resolution. There are times when that doesn't happen.  There is an impasse and off you go to court.

But often, a settlement is achieved. Both parties agree on terms and resolve their dispute.  Thousands of dollars in attorney fees and court costs and the value of your own time has been saved. It is well worth a try.  So don't go all Hatfield and McCoy.

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