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  • State of Texas vs JP

    DWI charge over .15 BAC had been in the courts for over 24 months. After negotiations with the State, client was given Pre Trial Diversion within two months and has a clear record. Read On

  • RL vs SL

    Blog writer was posting untrue and defamatory statements about the client.  After correspondence and negotiation with the media platforms and the individual, the blog was removed and the individual posted a retraction Read On

  • JE vs VA

    Military veteran has his medical benefits stopped in the middle of treatment.  As an accredited veteran's representative, we immediately filed for an emergency hearing to reinstate his benefits and continue treatment.  After a single negotiation session all benefits were reinstated, and the treat... Read On

  • CG vs DH 

    Musical artist took a deposit for a performance then failed to appear and wouldn't return the deposit.  Filed a lawsuit against all parties involved with the contract.  After three months of negotiation, the deposit was returned. Read On

  • State of Texas vs MA

    Client had two DWI charges within 45 Days. One of the stops was suppressed and the other was placed in a Pre-Trial Diversion.  After successfully completing the 12-month PTS, the client has no charges on her record. Read On

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